February 2020

Since February I have been busy co-organising a nationwide UK campaign #IWillEatWithYou with Ash Kotak from Aesthesia and BEATS, which launched on Leap Year Weekend this February/March to help fight #Coronaracism.

Like its Australian predecessor, the campaign seeks to de-racialise Covid-19 by encouraging people to support local East and South East Asian businesses by eating out and posting pictures on social media with the tags #IWillEatWithYou #LoveChinaTown #HateRacism.

It is an attempt to build solidarity in the face of racial violence that is tearing communities apart.

The campaign has found heartwarming support in cities across the UK, including London, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Coventry, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow. It has also taken off outside the UK, in Los Angeles, New York and Singapore. The press release can be found here.

It has also been covered by the press here and here.